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DigitalRamen ThemePark Tutorial

ThemePark Tutorial


So you want to make a theme. You've heard the rumors - it will be long, difficult, and probably dangerous. You're told that many who enter the dark cave of ThemePark are never seen again, and those that do are never quite the same again.

Well, the rumors are wrong. Making a theme is not hard. A complete theme is time consuming, and designing a cohesive and usable interface requires some forethought, but using the tools is actually rather simple. This being a tutorial on ThemePark, and not the theme creation process as a whole, I'm going to assume that you already have a design. These pages will tell you how to get that design into ThemePark, how to test to make sure things are showing up as they should, and in general how to use your tools in a fast, efficient manner.

Speaking of fast, let's get past this introduction business and dive into the meat of the subject.

Tutorial last updated on July 5, 2004. ThemePark v1.3.

copyright 2004 Harlan Lewis, used with permission


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