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DigitalRamen ThemePark Tutorial

Part 2 - the first steps

Now that you know the difference between the formats, you can forget everything I just told you. This tutorial will assume that you are creating a theme for ShapeShifter using guiKit, and most of the people who download your theme will too.

So let's get started. Open up ThemePark, File menu > New > New guiKit Package. This opens a new theme template divided into vertical panes. In the second pane from the left, click the Add button. This creates a new variant. Congratulations! Name it whatever you'd like by double-clicking it. You can have as many variants as you like, but it's a good idea to wait until you're mostly (or entirely) done with one before starting another. More on that later.

With the variant selected, click the Options button, and then select the checkbox to enable MenuEnhancer. This will give you a lot more customizability down the road when you want to work on menubars and menus, and if you decide you don't want that you can always turn it off later.


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