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DigitalRamen ThemePark Tutorial

Chapter 3 - Getting Acquainted

Part 1 - terminology

To prevent confusion, I'm going to be using specific names to describe different types of objects.

the graphics, or text, or whatever is actually changed by you. The below screenshot has a total of six elements - the graphics themselves and their click masks.
contains one or more elements
divided into categories, and can contain nested sections or resources
every theme has one or more variants. Variants are essentially independent themes packaged together, and each variant in a theme contains all the sections, resources, and elements of a full theme. Variants are selected in the second pane from the left.

There are also a few terms that ThemePark uses to describe specific types of elements. They are:

the end parts on horizontal objects, such as the rounded ends of a button
goes between the caps
vertical equivalent of a cap, usually for Carbon resources
roughly the vertical equivalent of a fill, usually only used for Carbon resources.

Certain actions, such as navigating menus, will be described as simply as possible. Instead of saying, "Select the Format menu, move the mouse to Font, then Kern, and then select Tighten", I will say, "Format menu > Font > Kern > Tighten."

Describing a specific section or resources to select in ThemePark's vertical pane interface will use a similar method. For example, to change the Spelling Dot, I would say "Theme > Variant > Elements > Spelling Dot."


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