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Theme Fur

Theme Fur is outdated, and it's unlikely to be useful to you. ShapeShifter includes its functionality.

Theme Fur is a quick’n’dirty converter that will allow themes made for OS X 10.1 to work with Jaguar.

Theme Fur does not replace any of your system files, or, in fact, any files at all. It creates a new theme file that you can install using Duality.

To use Theme Fur with ShapeShifter, do the following:

  • Use Duality to set default Aqua as your current theme.
  • Control-click the .theme or .dlta file you wish to convert and choose "Show Package Contents" from the popup menu.
  • Drag the Extras.rsrc file from the window that just opened into the "Your Extras.rsrc" spot in Theme Fur.
  • Navigate to
    • System
    • Library
    • Frameworks
    • Carbon.framework
    • Frameworks
    • HIToolbox.framework
    • Resources
    and drag the file "Extras.rsrc" into the "Jaguar Extras.rsrc" spot in Theme Fur.
  • Perform the conversion using Theme Fur, saving to whatever file you please, wherever you please.
  • Replace the Extras.rsrc file that you got from your .theme or .dlta file with the newly generated one.
  • Drag the .theme or .dlta into Duality.

For the tech-inclined, this software copies your current Jaguar 'Extras.rsrc' file into a new theme and then overwrites Jaguar resources with your themed version. Only 'ppat' and 'pxm#' resources are overwritten. This means that some themes that change the layout of various interface widgets will still need to be manually updated by their authors. Izawa’s themes in particular will have this problem

All resources get the name and attributes of the Jaguar version.

Updates for version 1.6

  • Fixed a problem that could cause some conversions to hang forever (thanks Mr. Tew).
  • Verified that converting for 10.2.3 works properly (it does).
  • Updated documentation.

Feel free to let me know if there are problems.

Okay, download it now:


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