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Welcome to Geekspiff!

Whatap! Welcome to the third iteration of Geekspiff.com!

Geekspiff is both a professional and a personal site. This means that if you're here for business, you might want to ignore the personal stuff, and if you're here because you know me, the business stuff will probably bore you. Anyway, there's a lot here to check out, so here's a quick list of destinations:

Geekspiff Software
Info on all of the software titles Geekspiff is responsible for - ThemePark, Chicken of the VNC, ShapeShifter, Mighty Mouse, and a few others.
Various exposition on various topics. Will almost definitely contain profanity and strong opinions, so be warned. Oh, and also, I can be pretty longwinded. :)
Pictures from my life. Profanity, possibly nudity. Again, you've been warned!
Various things from my previous life as an electrical engineering grad student
Links to things I've worked on and people I know.

Finally, you might enjoy checking out the site credits. They include some history on where the site has been, and some details on how it got the way it is today.

So anyway, grab a glass of your favorite beverage, put your feet up on the back of the chair you're not supposed to put your feet on, and enjoy your stay!

  • Geekspiff is designed to look right on Safari and Firefox/Mozilla browsers. Most of my audience consists of Mac geeks and tech types, who all use one of these browsers. It works on Win Internet Exploder, but has cosmetic issues. Get a better browser.



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