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My Toes Hurt

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My Toes Hurt
The Club

By the way, this is my second-ever post about completely random crap.

Had a fun night last night, but hurting today. Owww.

Last night was the biggest First Friday of the year. First Friday is the first friday of every month when all of the art galleries downtown open up to the public. Originally, it was for art geeks, but it's turned into an event. Lots of hipsters and unofficial high school reunions. But it's always pretty cool anyways - there's Capoheira (butchered spelling, I'm sure) - the Brazillian dance/martial arts peeps. And lots of fire/belly dancing people, bands, freaks, geeks, all the goods. And booty galore, of course. Parking sucks.

Anyway, Fikul's band XRayOK was playing in front of Fate, the groovy little Thai restaurant that apparently I'm god damned fated (hah!) to never eat at since my plans to eat there have now fallen through 67 times. Fikul's band is starting to kick some pretty serious ass. They're totally tits! (What the hell is wrong with me today!?) Sorta like Depeche Mode meets that one band with a really tight, spastic drummer. And, of course, I'm a sucker for anything with a tight, spastic drummer <cough mars volta cough>. So watching them outside with all the freaks around was pretty groovy. I guess there's talk of them headlining something at South by Southwest this year, too, which is groovy. And I also hear they're charting very well on college radio stations round the country. Too bad the bass player sucks so bad (Zeerayawk!).

So then, because we live in the desert where its hot and there's never any precipitation at all and there's no such thing as global warming or climate change or punctuated equilibrium, it began raining like a motherfucker. This tends to dampen people's enthusiasm (seriously, what the hell is wrong with me today!?). So Super Pelvis gave Humm Squat a ride over to the club while I helped the band pack up their shit and we debated whether to eat or not (I'm going to god damn eat at that restaurant some day). Then we cruised over to the club, too.


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