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Corrie And Jason's Engagement

Well, I guess the latest news is that I've finally proposed to Corrie, after 4.5 years of dating! And she even said “yes”!

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After Curtain Call

After curtain call
The Artistic Director came on stage,
“We have something extra,” she said,
“Another story, let’s turn the page…”

The Snow Monster removed his over-sized head
Walked to the thief and knelt at her feet.
“What’s going on?” she said.

He held up a tiny, jewelry box,
The kind that holds one thing.

“Thief, I showed you room after room, to start.
Where there was doubt, loneliness, despair,
You left fingerprints.

As if your touch wasn't enough,
After seeing it all,
You stole my heart.

Did you know that you left
Gold and diamonds in its place?
And where there was monster fur,
I now have skin upon my face.

I ask you toothless, playful, prayerful thief
To marry me

And know that for eternity
You will have the monster, man, God in me
Kneeling at your feet
For having seen all three
And still loved me.”

Inspired by the proposal of the Snow Monster to the Thief
Following the December 18th performance of the Snow Queen.

By Kathleen M. Buckstaff


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